Enamel Matrix Derivative

An enamel matrix derivative, or EMD, is a sterile protein aggregate which comes from the enamel matrix, specifically from amelogenins, and is the precursor of the enamel of developing teeth. The proteins necessary for EMD are harvested from around the developing teeth of pig embryos using a special processing procedure. Enamel matrix protein derivatives are used in the restoration and regeneration of periodontal tissues and assist in the growth or further development of the periodontal ligament, root cementum, and alveolar bone. Though enamel matrix derivatives are harvested from pig embryos, they have not been shown to create a significant immune response when used in humans. The use of EMDs have also demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. Both of these results suggest that the use of EMD is safe for humans. In addition, the results of EMD therapy are longer-lasting and have been shown to provide significant benefits to patients undergoing periodontal regeneration.