Fiducial markers

Fiducial markers are specialized markers that are supplemented onto the operative field prior to the imaging scan. They are used during surgery as the key reference points for the patient’s registration procedure or during surgical guide fabrication for the transfer of information from software-based planning. In dentistry, fiducial markers are used in several applications such as assisting with the creation and placement of dentures based on the unique oral anatomy of the patient. They also serve to identify specific locations for guided surgery both on a virtual level as well as in the actual patient. The use of fiducial markers in dentistry allows practitioners to correctly identify placement position for oral prostheses to ensure the correct fit and helps guide surgeons and practitioners to the precise location where an oral procedure should be performed. Fiducial markers also make the transition from virtual model to a physical model or prosthesis easier and more accurate as the software used directly reflects the patient’s exact oral anatomy.