Guide Pin

A guide pin can refer to one of two things:

  1. A device placed within a dental implant osteotomy to assist in determining the location and angulation of the site relative to adjacent teeth, implants, or other landmarks
  2. Extended occlusal or abutment screws used during prosthesis fabrication in the laboratory

For use in an osteotomy, the guide pin will show the surgeon if the alignment of the pilot hole is correct for the implant that will be placed. Using it correctly will prevent incorrect angulation and the need to re-drill the hole. The guide pin will also help to ensure blood vessels, nerves, or other oral structures are not damaged in the implant preparation stages as it will show the trajectory of the hole being drilled. In prosthesis fabrication, a guide pin is used to attach the prosthesis to the implant fixture. These types of guide pins are threaded and are made to work with specific implant systems.