Guided bone regeneration (GBR)

Guided bone regeneration, or GBR, is a bone regenerative technique that uses physical means such as barrier membranes to seal off an anatomic site where bone is to be regenerated. The goal is to direct bone formation and prevent other tissues, including connective tissue, from interfering with osteogenesis. Guided bone regeneration is often used to increase the alveolar ridge where there has been bone resorption. Without GBR procedures, stable implant placement would not be possible for many patients as their remaining bone would not support an implant. There are two different approaches for guided bone regeneration. The first is known as the simultaneous approach where the placement of the implant and GBR take place at the same time. The second is the staged approach in which GBR is performed prior to implant placement. Regardless of the approach, the use of barrier membranes is essential to the success of the GBR process.