Implant Apex

The implant apex is the portion of a root-form dental implant that first engages an osteotomy during its insertion. It may incorporate self-tapping characteristics. A root-form dental implant, also known as an endosteal implant, is the most common type of implant with a screw base that is shaped like the root of a tooth. The implant apex of an endosteal implant is usually tapered for easier placement into the site of the osteotomy. Since a root-form implant is inserted directly into the bone of the jaw, sufficient bone depth, width, and quality must be present in the patient for the procedure to be performed. In patients that do not have enough bone, a different type of implant or a bone grafting procedure may be considered. Following the placement of the implant, it is left to heal for up to six months before being uncovered and having a new tooth attached.