Implant-Assisted Prosthesis

An implant-assisted prosthesis is any prosthesis that is completely or partly supported by an implant or implants. Implant-assisted prosthesis generally rely on both the implant and the soft tissues upon which the implant is placed. The implant helps to evenly distribute the weight of the attached prosthesis across the surface of the soft tissue to assist with the load. The term “implant-assisted” can refer to either removable prostheses or to fixed prostheses but in both cases, the method of support is the same. In addition, an implant-assisted prosthesis may be part of a longer, more comprehensive restoration plan or the end result of the restoration. Possible benefits of using an implant-assisted prosthesis include the preservation of existing bone, the ability to add new implants if required with relative ease, and a decreased need for additional surgeries. It also offers a mode of treatment that is adjustable with patient needs over a long-term period.