Joint-separating force

A joint-separating force is any force that has the ability to disengage parts that are joined together by a screw (a screw joint). The opposite of the joint-separating force is called the clamping force. The clamping force must be overcome by the joint-separating force in order for a screw joint to be damaged. This may occur due to incorrect crown height, improper placement of the prosthesis, or even the patient’s chewing habits. A joint-separating force can result in a patient realizing they have a loose implant crown, their implant cap is loose, or even that their implant screw fell out. In the case of a loosened screw, it may be possible to fix the issue without damaging the prosthesis itself. Such problems might be prevented by ensuring the correct torque force is used during the original procedure and by addressing the settling effect before the patient leaves.