Mandibular symphysis

The mandibular symphysis is the line of fusion of the lateral halves of the body of the mandible which splits inferiorly to form the mental protuberance. It may serve as a source for bone grafting. The mandibular symphysis is usually formed sometime during the first two years of life as the two halves of the mandible come together. It has been shown to be a reliable source of bone graft material for both maxillofacial reconstructive and oral reconstructive procedures. It is considered to be a safe location for bone harvesting as enough bone can be obtained without damaging the mental nerve, causing injury to the nearby teeth, or disturbing the patient’s facial contours. In addition, the mandibular symphysis provides a bone grafting source that yields bone with good density and that can be harvested in the necessary volume. The use of high-resolution scanners provides details of the bone’s vasculature so injury can be avoided during surgery.