Lingual artery

The lingual artery is a branch of the external carotid artery, with a distribution to the undersurface of the tongue. It terminates as the deep artery of the tongue with subdivisions to the suprahyoid and dorsal lingual branches and the sublingual artery. The lingual artery is responsible for providing blood to the lower portion of the mouth including the tongue, the sublingual gland, and the floor of the mouth. In rare cases, the proximity of the lingual artery to the lingual cortex can cause complications during implant placement surgeries. Severe hemorrhage and resulting hematomas may occur and require immediate medical attention. With proper treatment, these complications have been shown to drastically improve within 48 hours with a more complete recovery apparent within a week. In order to prevent such complications, it is essential that practitioners remain educated concerning the surgical techniques required for anterior mandibular implants and to protect the soft tissues as much as possible.