Ramus Implant

A ramus implant, or a ramus frame implant, is a stainless steel denture anchor that is implanted directly into the bone of the mandible. A ramus implant is one of the earlier types of implants and were originally seen in the mid-1970s. Although large and cumbersome, this type of implant had a 91% success rate over a decade post-surgery. The ramus implant is horseshoe-shaped and is implanted into the retromolar pads on both sides of the mandible and in a third area in the alveolar ridge just above the chin in the center of the mandible. The dentures then “snap” or “clip” onto the part of the implant that sits above the gums. When the dentures are removed, the frame can be felt in the mouth, which some patients may not like. Often, patients will only remove dentures from their ramus frame implant when they need to be cleaned or serviced.