Screw Implant

A screw implant is a threaded root-form dental implant which can either be parallel-sided or tapered. A screw implant is placed into the bone of the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth. After the screw implant is positioned, gum tissue is placed over it and allowed to heal, sometimes for up to 6 months. A second procedure is usually then required to affix the abutment and the crown. The screw implant is generally made of a material such as titanium that is biocompatible and capable of fusing with the surrounding bone during osseointegration. At times, a patient may require a bone graft prior to the placement of the screw if the existing bone is not substantial enough to support the implant by itself. Complications such as peri-implantitis may occur following a screw implant. This condition causes inflammation and can lead to bone loss around the implant and to implant failure.