Temporary Abutment

In dentistry, a temporary abutment (also known as a temporary cylinder) is an abutment used for the fabrication of an interim restoration. The interim restoration may be cemented onto the temporary abutment or the temporary abutment may be incorporated into the interim restoration for a screw-retained prosthesis. Temporary abutments are an essential component in restorative dentistry procedures. They allow the tissue around the implant to heal while also providing an attachment point for the crown, bridge, or other dental restoration. Following implant osseointegration with the surrounding bone, the temporary abutment may be removed for a permanent abutment to take its place. Temporary abutments come in a variety of designs, such as snap abutments and slim abutments, for convenient placement and easy removal. The type of temporary abutment selected for use in a dental procedure will depend upon the kind of procedure, the patient’s oral anatomy, and the type of prosthesis required.