Ear Prosthesis

Individuals who were born without one or both of their external ears, or individuals who have suffered trauma to their external ears, can get a realistic looking ear prosthesis attachment. In many cases, the prosthesis looks so natural that the average person won’t be able to tell that it’s a prosthetic. Getting an ear prosthesis is an involved process, because surgery is usually necessary. Ear prosthesis surgery involves placing titanium posts in the bone around the ear to anchor the prosthetic to. Without a solid anchor, the prosthetic could fall off or be torn very easily. This is similar to how dental implants are done — with dental implants, a titanium rod (or a rod of another implant-grade material) is placed into the jawbone and once that heals, the prosthetic tooth can be anchored to the implant. One difference is that a prosthetic ear is removable, while a dental implant generally is not.