A facebow is a special instrument used by dentists when fitting a patient for dental prosthodontics. The facebow lines up with the patient exactly and allows the dentist or periodontist to accurately measure important parts of the patient’s facial structure, like the maxillary arch and its relationship to the temporomandibular joint, and transfer that data to where it can be used to create dental prosthetics. With the rise of computer-generated dental prosthetics, the facebow has been phased out by many dentists and periodontists and is no longer used to take important measurements. However, the facebow still plays an important role in transferring functional and aesthetic components from the mouth of the patient to the dental articulator. Without a facebow, the measurements taken by a dentist or periodontist may not be as accurate as they assume. This results in having to make multiple adjustments for the esthetics and occlusions later.