Fibrin Matrix (Fibrin-Rich Matrix)

A fibrin matrix, or fibrin-rich matrix, is a provisional matrix provided by the fibrin clot and fibronectin during the first phase of wound healing. The fibrin matrix secretes chemicals that summon monocytes, fibroblasts, and epidermal cells to the area of the body that requires healing, thus promoting the healing process. The term may also refer to a membrane-like matrix derived from autologous blood which is strong and pliable. It functions as either a standalone product or can be mixed with other biomaterials to improve wound healing and promote tissue regeneration. In dental applications, a platelet-rich fibrin matrix can be applied following a surgical procedure to speed the healing process. The fibrin matrix also has the capacity to reduce inflammation and swelling and can be used even in advanced surgical techniques. Following implant or grafting procedures, a fibrin matrix can be utilized to speed wound healing and aid in patient recovery.