A fixed detachable denture is a hybrid between complete dentures and dental implants. It is a type of full denture that attaches to the abutments of multiple implants across the upper or lower jaw. A fixed detachable denture is often considered a “gold standard” for complete dentures due to its many benefits. Most importantly, it preserves the underlying bone structures instead of allowing them to decrease in both quantity and quality. Fixed detachable dentures are stable and don’t move around in the mouth since they are strongly anchored to the jaw using implant technology. There is no need for denture adhesives and works like a patient’s natural teeth. Fully detachable dentures must be worn with adhesive to keep them from slipping and does a much poorer job of supporting the underlying bone and facial structures over time. Detachable dentures usually need replacement, but a fixed detachable denture typically lasts a lifetime.