Graft Consolidation (Bone)

Graft consolidation of the bone refers to the vascularization and integration at the cellular level of a graft with its recipient site. It involves the formation of a graft-woven bone complex that remodels into lamellar bone and further adapts based on loading. Bone graft consolidation can take place in dental procedures or surgeries following a bone graft to build up the site of a future implant or restoration. The new bone graft(s) may be affixed to the recipient site using screws and resorbable membranes made of collagen. The graft consolidation process can then take up to six months. A stable location for a dental implant is essential for the future success of the implant and prosthesis. Since some patients have suffered bone trauma or bone loss, a graft is necessary to prepare the area prior to the implant being placed. This graft must then be given time for consolidation to provide the implant with the greatest stability.