Healing by first (primary) intention

Healing by first (primary) intention, or primary closure, refers to the healing of a wound in which the edges are closely re-approximated. In this type of wound healing, union or restoration of continuity occurs directly with minimal granulation tissue and scar formation. It works best with wounds or incisions where there has been little loss of tissue. Healing by primary intention is often used in a surgical setting where a clean incision is present. The wound is closed by using skin adhesive, staples, Steri-Strips, or sutures. This is the opposite approach to the one taken by secondary closure, or healing by second (secondary) intention, in which a gap is left between the edges of the wound for natural healing to occur. In dental applications, primary closure may be used following an oral surgery, implant, or restoration procedure where there has been little tissue loss to help prevent infection and aid in the healing process.