Calcium phosphate

Calcium phosphate is a biomaterial that has a chemical structure that is very similar to naturally occurring bones and teeth. It has both osteoconductive and bioactive properties, making it an ideal choice for implant dentistry and orthopedic applications. The calcium phosphate molar mass plays a role in its ability to promote rapid bone formation and osseointegration, and a special calcium phosphate formula is often used to coat the outside of dental implant hardware to help increase the chances of the implant success. Factors that can affect the coating’s performance include but are not limited to the thickness of the coating, the coating’s purity, the crystallinity, and its chemical composition. Additionally, calcium phosphate is often used for other applications in implant dentistry, including bifurcation perforation repair, periapical defect repair, apical barrier formation, and pulp capping. Tricalcium phosphate is a form of calcium phosphate that may also be used.